2. Vision
Lumiblocks core Vision and main concepts


The main concepts in Lumiblocks are #BUIDL and #HODL, that is, Lumiblocks purposefully rewards BUIDL'ers and HODL'ers.
    BUIDL'ers are developers, designers, any person who helps the project, the community to achieve the goals indicated in their roadmaps and it does not matter at all where you are on the planet, your age, gender, etc., the main thing is your influence on the project, your knowledge and skills and dedication to the project.
    HODL’ers are the owners of LUMI tokens, they in turn manage the project, identifying the most important directions for development and funding these proposals, ideas and communities.
Lumiblocks Simplified Model
This is a win-win strategy, where anyone with some skills can help the project and get tokens, and the token holders, using the fuel of the ecosystem, in a decentralized form, collectively coordinate and manage the creation of the project and its subsequent maintenance, receiving in return a percentage of profit, tokens or benefit for using Lumiblocks Community Tokens.

2.1. Open

Lumiblocks is open to anyone who maintains, builds and develops an ecosystem of web3 projects and technologies. Anyone can join the ecosystem with BUIDL skills or with some capital, HODLing government tokens, or both. Openness must be present at all levels, so any participant can submit a proposal for funding it, a certain amount of LUMI is needed in order to protect against Sybil's attack.

2.2. Transparent

Any transaction is displayed in a transparent blockchain, all actions and operations are coordinated with the community through online voting, in which token holders take part, the results are displayed immediately after the end, completely transparent and visible to all internet users.

2.3. Decentralized

Built on Ethereum, the most decentralized platform, DAO is a decentralized form of government owned and controlled by the community. Lumiblocks is not a team behind it, it is a completely community driven project.
It is worth noting that at the initial stages, the ecosystem will be quite centralized, but this is necessary for protection, since with a small community, the ecosystem will not be stable enough against attacks, such as a 51% attack. That is why we will move to a decentralized form gradually, step by step (progressive decentralization).
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