5. Roadmap and Future
Lumiblocks future

The Lumiblocks roadmap includes 3 stages, but it does not imply full compliance with reality, since Lumiblocks is a community-oriented project, first of all, and the further development of the project will depend only on the community.

5.1. Phase 1 (will be supplemented)

Active development of LCP and DAO, partnerships with exchanges and wallets (listings), other projects for the development of the ecosystem.

5.2. Phase 2 (will be supplemented)

Actively stimulating projects, developers and token holders engaging the community, filling the DAO treasury.

5.3. Phase 3 (will be supplemented)

Support for existing projects and products within the ecosystem and free flow.

5.4. Future development

As the Lumiblocks community and ecosystem grows, LUMI community tokens will play a critical and even decisive role in ensuring decentralization, transparency and openness, as well as the continuation of the development and scaling of the project as a cost-effective team, where every participant wins.
We look forward to the inclusion in future articles of more detailed and expanded information about the project, tech. implementation and token, in particular about governance, about the technical work of the platform, DAO and treasury, about future projects that will join the ecosystem.
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