3. Lumiblocks
What is Lumiblocks?

Lumiblocks is a community-driven DAO that funds and maintains web3 and crypto projects, processes and executes general-purpose collective decision making in order to increase the utilitarian functions of a governance token.

Lumiblocks' goal is to create an ecosystem and synergy in decentralized and transparent voting, governance, and most importantly, the collaborative development of projects and communities.

3.1. Lumiblocks DAO

Lumiblocks DAO is the backbone of the ecosystem, a decentralized form of rewarding and project support, owned and operated by the community, which, through electronic voting on the blockchain, solve 3 types of proposals:

    LIP: Proposals related to Lumiblocks (LCP, DAO, FORUM).
    LTP: Token related proposals (BURN, LOCK, ADD LIQ., TRANSFER).
    LFP: Proposals related L3P (PFR, CSR, CPR)
PFR - Project Funding Request CSR - Connections Search Request CPR - Community Promotion Request
It will also create a network of the most important members, those who actively participate and fully support the ecosystem. Providing LUMI as a reward will help creators and developers make the ecosystem more valuable, and everyone benefits from it.
DAO treasury is a smart contract that is managed by the community.
    Community Calls The community rewards existing (functioning) projects by voting. These can be projects that have already joined the ecosystem or are joining. Funds are allocated for each project to support development and maintenance.
    Community Challenges The community supports the best proposals in need of funding. To create a proposal would require a small amount of tokens. when the proposal is accepted with a positive result, it will be funded in several stages.
    Community Ideas The community discusses ideas, projects and products that can be implemented into the ecosystem. They can also team up to create a specific project, such actions are only welcomed.

3.2. Platform

The Lumiblocks Community Platform (LCP) is a general purpose platform for creating, processing, distributing and collectively managing shared assets and human resources, processes, jobs and even communities and subcommunities.

Collective development tasks can be presented in the form:
∙ Competition:
Bounty type (contest, many different solutions)
∙ Collaboration:
Type of association (single, joint solution)
LCP 1.0 includes a web application which main goal is to create a supportive and efficient environment for Buidlers and Hodlers to cowork and collaborate productively and grow rapidly. Further development of the LCP will combine and even replace the main functions of the forum and the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, while the community will remain independent and autonomous.

3.3. L3P

L3P is a conditional name used for projects, services, products, communities, applications and more that join the Lumiblocks ecosystem (also called subcommunities, considering that Lumiblocks is the main community).

L3P can be divided into categories: a tokenized project or a project that works without its own token, for profit or for the utility of LUMI, as well as the estimated cost of the project and its status:
Block Layer 1 - the largest projects, products, applications with an estimated cost of over $100K. Layer 1 will generate more income for holders.
Block Layer 2 - medium projects, services, communities, with an estimated cost of $10K to $100K, with an average income.
Block Layer 3 - small projects, communities with an estimated cost of less than $10K. With little or no income.
Lumiblocks Layer Model
The numbers will change up or down over the time.
In order to create L3P, you just need to make a request and have a certain amount of LUMI tokens with you.

3.4. Ecosystem

The heart of the ecosystem is based on a forum where quality discussions starts. Ideas, projects are proposed, and the rest of the community is exploring creation, value, and many other things.
Further, Lumiblocks Communities Platform, it describes all the teams working on projects, their status, progress and tasks. If the community liked the idea, then an LCP subcommunity is created for it, where all the necessary resources, actions and documents are created and solved.
After that, a proposal is created in the DAO, where the owners of tokens decide the fate of the project, with a positive result, the subcommunity receives funds for the collective development of DApp, NFT, DeFi, Gaming, Web3 and other projects, which in turn will have to benefit the Lumiblocks community and increase the value of the LUMI utility tokens.
The Lumiblocks Foundation is an organization, which main goal is not to manage Lumiblocks, but to initially build the platform, DAO, grow ecosystem, and launch the project. Funds collected during sales will be used to achieve these goals (more details in 4.1). Subsequently, the Foundation will use tokens to attract the best #BUIDLers and even projects to the Lumiblocks ecosystem.
Forking and creating additional tokens is common within the ecosystem as well, but they should also provide benefits for LUMI holders and / or be used as a utility token in a product.
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