4. LUMI Community Tokens
Why do we need LUMI?
Lumiblocks community tokens or LUMI is a native ERC-20 Lumiblocks token built on Ethereum. Tokens are essential to power the ecosystem, rewarding developers and product creators, and giving holders unique premium access to future ecosystem products. In addition, a percentage of the profits from ecosystem projects will go to the treasury, where the community will decide where the funds will go. Lumi is a limited token, a total of 100 million tokens will be created, no additional supply of tokens is possible, which will ensure stable growth in the long term.

4.1. LUMI Information


Name: Lumiblocks community tokens Ticker: LUMI Platform: Ethereum Type: Token (ERC-20) Total Supply: 100,000,000 (100 million LUMI) Additional Supply: No Token Address: Not Deployed Yet

Token Distribution:

    DAO – 70% (70,000,000 LUMI)
    Sales – 18.5% (18,500,000 LUMI)
    Foundation – 5% (5,000,000 LUMI)
    Other – 3.5% (3,500,000 LUMI)
    Bounty, Airdrops – 3% (3,000,000 LUMI)
Total: 100% (100,000,000 LUMI)
Lumiblocks Token Distribution
    DAO. Tokens intended for DAO assume equable unlocking (linear unfreezing) of tokens for 7 years. Funds will come from smart contracts once a year, or when the community requests funding / support for projects.
    Sales. For information about tokens planned for sale, see 4.3.
    Foundation. 5% of the tokens required for the Foundation will be unlocked immediately, but they will not participate in determining the token price (these tokens will not participate in trading and determining the market value of the token for 4-12 months). They are necessary to attract the best developers and projects, to expand the ecosystem.
    Other. Tokens in this category will be used in marketing and scaling the Lumiblocks Communities Platform, in operating expenses and more. These tokens will be reserved and unlocked, if necessary, with the consent of the community.
    Bounty and giveaways. Tokens will be distributed among the community through several bounty campaigns and various programs as a free airdrops, which will increase the reputation of the project among the community and increase the number of token holders, which will have a positive effect on the decentralization of the entire project.

Use of Proceeds:

    Exchange Listings – 10%
    R&D – 30%
    ETH/Stable reserves – 50%
    Misc – 10% (key partnerships and further development)
Lumiblocks Use of Proceeds

4.2. Token Economics

As described above, LUMI is a utility ERC-20 token, it is main purpose is to manage the Lumiblocks ecosystem (read more about all the functions of the token below). The ecosystem architecture is built in such a way that the token price will be directly proportional to the number and quality of projects and developers at all three layers, as well as the chosen direction of the ecosystem development (which depends only on the decision of the token holders). This means that the community will play the most important role in the construction and development of the project and the establishment of the token economy.
LUMI is a multipurpose and multifunctional tool for the first rapidly growing ecosystem.

Token functions:

    Base currency. Projects will use Lumiblocks tokens as a base currency (as well as ETH, DAI, etc.) as this increases the value of the ecosystem (projects will receive awards, mainly in LUMI, this is beneficial to all participants).
    Governance. With LUMI tokens, you can vote and collectively manage and control the project.
    Stake. To receive rewards from L3P communities, if available, in the sort of LUMI or other tokens (including Non-Ethereum network assets) or a percentage of profit (profit distribution).
    Reward. Use your knowledge and talents (skills) to complete tasks and get a reward in LUMI (Base) and ETH (Add).
    Work. Do the work and get LUMI (Base) and ETH (Add) as compensation.
    Burn. Foundation and DAO (with a positive LIP result) will use the function of burning tokens that were not used and / or not needed, as well as Buy Back & Burn, making LUMI - deflationary token.
    Utility. L3P projects will provide special premium conditions for using LUMI tokens.

Ecosystem architecture:

Lumiblocks Token Architecture
    Lumiblocks rewarding L3P projects (Block Layer 1, 2, 3) with LUMI tokens
    L3P sends back L3 tokens, percentage of revenue or giving premium access to holders
This will fill the treasury with various tokens, making the treasury independent of the LUMI token.
Thus, the token will have a real value unlike many other coins without real value and any purpose.

4.3. Sales Structure:

1) STAGE: PRE-SALE [blog update]

Average Price: 0.05 USD / LUMI Start Date: 1 OCTOBER End Date: 8 OCTOBER Opening ETH — LUMI Rate: 1 ETH — 85,000 LUMI [3 SEPTEMBER] Closing ETH — LUMI Rate: 1 ETH — 75,000 LUMI [3 SEPTEMBER] Personal Softcap/Hardcap: 0.05 ETH / 10 ETH Accepted Currencies: ETH, USDT Tokens for Sale: 1.5% OF TOTAL SUPPLY (1,500,000 LUMI)




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