1. Introduction
Before Lumiblocks, Learn about DAO and Sovereign Collectives

1.1. What is DAO?

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an online community that enables members to collect, manage and coordinate shared funds and resources. Decentralization starts at construction, DAOs are created on a blockchain platform like Ethereum. There is also no single point of failure, which reduces coordination failure. Autonomy is achieved through the use of software.
Traditional Organization: Money and People
Decentralized Autonomous Organization: Tokens and People
DAOs are created and used to create an efficient, transparent and resilient organization, they allow you to collectively own the funds and even the human resources of the organization and the decision-making process.
DAOs are designed to make it easier for like-minded people around the world to collaborate.

1.2. Sovereign Collectives

Sovereign collectives are an independent association of like-minded people in which all power is controlled by the participants, because they, as a group, are the only sources of power.
Collectives are completely open to expansion, anyone can join and take part in the development of the Lumiblocks ecosystem as a community manager, designer, developer or even a memologist, and token holders participate in consensus management. Major contributors will receive a reward in the form of project tokens as compensation.
Such teams are fault-tolerant, they are distributed all over the world, in order to become a member, you only need a smartphone and the Internet.
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